Personalised learning tailored to meet the different needs of participants.

A mastery learning environment, providing enough time and employing instructional strategies so that all students can achieve the same level of learning.

Our Blended Learning Approach

Our blended learning approach combines face-to-face with digital learning and is a powerful combination of the two formats.

It ensures that the knowledge and skills acquired through digital learning are checked and reinforced, providing participants with sufficient opportunities for group discussions of real-world implementation.

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The Blend

Generally, in any live (or virtual) workshop, the participants will have very different knowledge levels.

The blended learning approach means that in the weeks leading up to the live workshop everybody has completed the same units of learning. This creates a cohesive group that can reflect on their learning together and clarify any points before moving onto an even deeper level of understanding.

Our blended learning approach includes a number of digital learning topics leading to a live training workshop covering a central theme. This is then followed by a digital learning consolidation and reflection module(s).

  • The topics are digital learning modules accessed through a learning portal.
  • The live workshop focuses on skills and competencies whilst providing an opportunity for participants to discuss anything that came up for them through their individual study.
  • The consolidation module provides consolidation, reinforcement, reflection, and assessment of their learning, accessed through a learning portal.

Participants are given four to six weeks to complete the topic modules before they come together for the live workshop.

They also receive emails throughout their learning journey, and afterwards, to keep them on track, remind them of deadlines, and provide ongoing learning reinforcement, reflection, and retrieval practice.