Our Process: Define Requirements

The first step is an analysis of your requirements (AKA Needs Analysis) to define the scope of the project (and if learning is actually the best solution).
To do this we conduct an initial, high level, Q&A session.

Example Initial Needs Analysis

(With example answers)

The Programme

Q1a        What are your, or your client’s, organisational goals? (The purpose)
A             Staff competence: Knowledge of concepts and principles for decision making
A             Sell more products and services

Q1b        Why is this wanted or needed? (The problem)
A             New regulations
A             A new product launch that sales team need upskilling

The Learners

Q2a        Who are the target audiences?
A             External clients / Internal teams
A             Executives / Managers / Workers

Q2b        What is their level of knowledge or skill in this area?
A             Elementary / Intermediate /Advanced
A             Foundation / Level 3

The Outcomes

Q3a        What are the performance aims?
Where do the learners need to be? Where are the learners now?
A             Final position
A             Present position

Q3b        What specifically do the learners need to be able to do at the end of this course /module?
The learning outcomes (The solution)
A             At the end of this course / module learners will be able to … (See learning outcomes spread sheet)

The Results
Q4          How is the success of this learning to be determined?
A             Assessments / Feedback / Performance reviews



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