Our Process: Deployment

Learning Delivery

To deliver, and evaluate the learning an LMS (Learning Management System), or LRS (Learning Record Store) of some type is required. There are a wide range of these available, all of which offer different features and functions.

In order to select the system most appropriate to your current and future needs, you need to clearly define your requirements and determine the ‘must have’ compared to the ‘nice to have’ features, such as:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • User interface / user experience
  • Gamification elements
  • Social elements
  • Assessments and survey integration
  • Metrics
  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Support

As we are not tied nor affiliated to any LMS or LRS provider we can offer you independent, unbiased advice.

Example LMS

Learning Evaluation

Once the learning has taken place the learners’ progress needs to evaluate and the effectiveness of the learning reviewed. The standard approach is using the Kirkpatrick model of learning evaluation, which provides four levels, to which ROI has been added as a fifth level.

Level 1: Satisfaction: This measures participants’ perspective. Often by the use of ‘happy sheets’ at the end of the learning. These can be implemented and measured using xAPIs or Google forms.

Level 2: Learning: This measures whether the learning objectives have been met, or not, and to what degree. Usually by means of assessments and problem based scenarios. These can be implemented and measured using xAPIs or SCORM.

Level 3: Behaviour: This measures if the learning is being applied back in the work place. Either via monitoring, mentoring, spaced repetition, retrieval practice, or performance support. These can be measured using xAPIs.

Level 4: Business impact:  This measures the business improvement, improvements to efficiency, reaching sales targets, etc.. These can be measured using xAPIs.

Level 5: ROI: This measures the return on investment. The business benefits compared to the investment. These can be measured using xAPIs.


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