The most important screen is the one in your pocket.

Mobile is now the most efficient medium for bringing learning and performance support to the greatest number of learners, when they need it, wherever they are.

Mobile allows you to provide learners

  • Self-service, flexible learning
  • Individual performance support
  • Learning at the moment of need
  • Learning reinforcement
  • Spaced repetition
  • Micro-learning
  • Retrieval practice

Guerrilla Learners

Modern learners are guerrilla learners, they are highly motivated learners, but use unconventional methods, such as Youtube, Google, and Linkedin.

Addressing their needs requires breaking from traditional means of education.

Mobile Learning Examples

3 ways to access
Scan | Tap | Click

Scan when using your mobile | Tap when using your tablet | Click when using your computer

(Chrome for mobile has a built in QR code reader)

Software Video Tutorials

Process / Procedure Steps

Scenario Based Learning

Learning Reinforcement