Link Learning to Performance Outcomes.

Effectively track your learners’ interactions with xAPI (Tin Can).

Optimize learning for maximum business and learner benefit.

Learning Analytics

Applying and analyzing xAPI data allows you to measure and correlate your learning and work outcomes, enabling you to adapt your learning and performance solutions in response to the ever-changing needs and priorities of the business.

You can use xAPI data to track any type of user or system interaction and then use analytics to interpret the data. Learning and performance activities, interactions with work systems and processes, and sales representative attributes can all be tracked and compared with business metrics.

For example:

  • xAPI lets you combine performance data from your CRM (such as Salesforce) and engagement with scenario-based training, which can help identify specific training needs and personalization of learning experiences, based on sales performance.
  • Provides data about individual learning and performance to learners, managers, and other stakeholders.

Using xAPI to measure against the Kirkpatrick Model of Learning Evaluation

Example Dashboard from Watershed Learning Record Store