Some recent work showcasing modules designed for employee onboarding and upskilling, with accessibility and gamification.

Sales Onboarding

Overview of required sales competencies and sales stages. Developed in Storyline

Pre-workshop Activity

Interactive activity on objections handling in preparation for workshop.
Developed in Storyline

Onboarding eGuide

pdf eGuide outlining the first two weeks onboarding and key contacts.
Developed in Adobe Acrobat and Rise

Sales Methodology Introduction

Introduction to the value selling sales methodology.
Developed in Rise

Industry Primer

Interactive introduction to key concepts of the industry for people new to the business.
Developed in Storyline

Industry Primer

Video based introduction to key concepts of the industry for people new to the business.
Developed in Rise

Professional Development

Responsive video based CPD module.
Developed in Rise

Case Study Scenario

Responsive case study.
Developed in Rise

Branching Scenario

Active learning sales scenario, with sales progress meter.
Developed in Storyline

Searchable Glossary

Glossary of industry terms and acronyms with search function and internal links.
Developed in Storyline using Storyline’s search function

Accessible Screens

Selection of accessible level 1 screens.
Developed in Storyline

Accessible Assessments

Selection of accessible question types including:
⊣ Drag and drop
⊣ Slider
⊣ Hotspot
Developed in Storyline

Gamified Quiz

Spin the wheel quiz game with questions on different groups of topics and different levels of difficulty.
Developed in Storyline

Gamified Quiz

Matching pairs game, matching symbol to its definition.
Developed in Storyline

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